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…raising kingdom builders for God.

These are married men in the church bubbling with the vision of excellence and greatness in life and ministry. The assignment for these men is to use their positive influence and affluence to impact other men and their community for the kingdom of God. These are men who would exhibit godly character at home, work place and in church. They are men of godly standard and principles whom other men would love to associate with.
Men’s ministry organizes monthly Prayer Meeting in the church and in member’s houses. They also organize annual Father’s Day Celebration and International Men’s Convention.



…women leading women to Christ!

These are matured and married women in the church. They are women of virtue, purpose and godly character. They are diligent, committed and spiritually focused. They love God so dearly and it truly shows in their commitment in the church. These women use their time, talents and treasures to serve God and to influence their fellow women for God. They encourage, develop, equip and empower one another for effective kingdom service, successful career and fulfilled family life.



…making maximum impact for God!

These are single young men and ladies with youthful strength and vigour to positively impact their world. They are Spirit-filled Christian believers full of wisdom and faith. They possess great zeal and passion for kingdom exploits. They are Christ-centred and would rather be at the forefront of advancing the kingdom of God than being distracted with worldly affairs. They are focused and committed to soul winning. They are the next generations of great destinies and divine glory.


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Joining A Group

In God’s Family, we are connected to other believers and we also discover our unique roles in life through our interaction and relationships with others. God expects us to belong to a local church and be actively involved with others in fulfilling the Great Commission. (Luke 14:16-23; John 15:16; Acts 2:42-47; Acts 5:12-14)
Living Spring International Church is made up of various functional ministry teams. These ministries are designed to provide platforms and opportunities for people to discover, develop and utilize their God-given talents and potentials. Every member of the church is expected to join at least one of these ministries and participate actively. (Matt. 25:14-30)